Spend a day with the family exploring Volo, Illinois

If you’re a family always looking for fun towns and cities to explore, look no further than Volo, Illinois. Whether you’re craving a peaceful outdoor stroll, an indoor playplace to ignite your kids’ sense memories or a museum filled with cool classic and Hollywood cars, then this small town has something for you. Check out these three places for family fun in Volo.


What to do


Hippo Campus (Closed)


401 E. Route 60, Volo


If you have littles up to age 10, the adorable Hippo Campus is a place where their senses will be stimulated. In fact, its name derives from the hippocampus, the part of the brain that processes sensory experiences into memory.


This former daycare facility sports five different themed rooms: a Light Room, where kids are immersed in darkness except for glow-in-the-dark toys and illuminated cubes; a Volcano Room, where kids are challenged to climb to the top of the volcano or tip toe across lava; a Music Room, where little musicians can jam out or learn a new instrument; an Art Room for unleashing kids’ inner Picassos; and the “Shrinking” Room, where youngins can challenge each other to a game of Connect 4 or chess, or simply build to their heart’s content. All these rooms have one thing in common: they foster creative sensory play without the need of technology. Oh, and kids will be kept busy, busy, busy! During the warmer months, they even have an outdoor “Imagination Garden” for more fun. Read an in-depth review of our first time visit here.


Volo Auto Museum


27582 Volo Village Rd., Volo


As the name suggests, you’ll find all sorts of cars at the Volo Auto Museum: classic cars, cars made famous from movies such as the DeLoreon, The Dark Knight’s Tumbler and Bumblebee, and cars owned by celebrities such as Britney Spears, Michael Jordan and Elvis. But did you know that the  museum offers so much more than cars? With 33 displays located on 35 acres, you’ll also find an 1890s train caboose, vintage snowmobile displays that date back to the 1920s, vintage tractors, scooters, bicycles and motorcycles, a treasure vault showcasing vintage vending machines, soda machines and jukeboxes, and more. Starting this spring, they’ll also be offering free train rides. Not only do they offer plenty of family fun, but they also participate in fundraisers to help out the community including the Night at the Museum. Read more about our re-visit to the Volo Auto Museum.


Volo Bog


28478 Brandenburg Rd., Ingleside


If the weather is in your favor, take a side trip to the Volo Bog, the state’s only quaking bog with an open water center. The visitor center (a former dairy barn) will give you a little insight about what exactly a bog is and what creatures and plants you may find when you explore. The kids will have a fun time trying to guess what animal the bones are from and will enjoy crossing over the bridge. The best part, hands down, is actually getting out to explore the half-mile walk through the bog over floating walkways. Read about our outdoor adventure here.


Where to eat


If you’re looking for a quick meal you can’t go wrong with lunch at Fratello’s Hot Dogs. We’re talking Chicago-style hot dogs, yummy hamburgers with a special BBQ sauce and Italian beef. You can also grab pizza if you’re at the Volo Auto Museum, or pack a lunch and eat at Volo Bog.


Have you ever been to Volo? Did we miss anything else?


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