Best Six Flags Great America Rides and Attractions for Younger Kids

While Six Flags Great America is known for its massive roller coasters, did you know there’s also tons of fun to be had for the toddler set? My kids, ages 6 and 3, could spend an entire weekend at Six Flags, and still not cover all of the rides and attractions!  Below are some of our “must-dos” organized by section of the park.

Camp Cartoon

Sprocket Rockets

Minimum height: 36”

The perfect first roller coaster ride for any child, the Sprocket Rockets goes around curves, up hills and down small dips.

Yogi’s Yahoo River

Minimum height: None (54” maximum)

Designed for the tiniest of tots, the littlest ones can sit in the front or back of a boat, steer and ring a bell as the ride goes around.

Carousel Plaza

Columbia Carousel

Minimum height: None, but adults must stand behind any child under 42”

Kids of all ages will love a giant, nostalgic carousel in the center of the park.

County Fair

Buccaneer Battle

Minimum height: 36″ with adult, 48″ to ride alone

Kids will enjoy jumping into this interactive pirate ship and aiming their water squirters at passersby and other ships.

Hometown Square

Lady Bugs

Minimum height: 36”

Hop on these cute ladybugs and go for a spin! Kids will like pretending to steer with driving wheels in the front and back of each bug.

Krazy Kups in Kidzpopolis, Photo Credit: Lori Orlinsky

Red Baron

Minimum height: 36”

Kids can fly their own World War 1 plane replica, controlling how high or low their plane goes with the push of a button.

The Lobster

Minimum height: 36” with adult, 42″ to ride alone

A classic ride that’s fun for the whole family, experience the shakes and wiggles as an octopus tries to shake a lobster off its tail.



Minimum height: None with adult

Kids can grab a seat on a tree trunk, and they are hoisted into the air and dropped at relatively fast speeds.

Krazy Kars

Minimum height: None with adult

Another low impact ride for kids who want to sit back and pretend to drive around in a bright-colored car through the country-esque roads.

Krazy Kups

Minimum height: None with adult

What child can’t resist a spinning teacup ride? Kiddos can grab hold of the center disc to control how fast their individual cup twirls.

Splish Splash Zone

Minimum height: None

The star of Kidzopolous, kids can run through water geysers, shower falls and run through a playground complete with a slide.

Up, Up & Away

Minimum height: None with adult

A great up-in-the-air ride that spins around, kids can get a great view of the park.


Minimum height: None with adult

Similar to the Red Baron, kids can control the height of their plane in this slowly moving circular motion ride.

Mardi Gras 

Big Easy Balloons

Minimum height: None with adult

Climb into one of the green, yellow, and purple colorful striped balloon baskets and get ready to lift into the air on this mild hot air balloon ride. On an especially hot day, the breeze on this ride can’t be beat.

River Rocker

Minimum height: 36″ with adult

This ship rocks up and back to dizzying heights, 180 degrees into the sky until the whole vessel is practically vertical!

Yankee Harbor

Yankee Clipper

Minimum height: 36″ with adult

Let the family cool off in this traditional flume ride with a surprisingly deep, 60-foot drop (hold your child tight on this one).

Yukon Territory

Little Dipper

Minimum height: 36″ with adult

Another great option as a first roller coaster, the Little Dipper takes kids and their families through a 700-foot track, complete with moderate dips and turns.

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