See SUE in the ‘Flesh’ at The Field Museum

‘Fleshy SUE’ is at The Field Museum through Aug. 18, Photo Credit Katharine Uhrich, Field Museum


SUE, the largest complete T. rex skeleton found, has made The Field Museum a destination spot since the dinosaur called Chicago home in 2000.


The fossil bones were recently moved from Stanley Field Hall to a new home in Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet in the museum as scientists learn more about how the dinosaur species lived.


Now, visitors can see SUE in the “flesh” thanks to the introduction of a new full-scale replica of the dinosaur – including another dino in its mouth – with a return to Stanley Field Hall.


“Fleshy SUE,” as the exhibition team at the museum has nicknamed the replica, will be in the city until Aug. 18 before starting a trip as part of a traveling exhibit: SUE, the T. rex Experience.


The Field Museum reopened July 17 with capacity restrictions and requirements for advanced ticket sales. Fans of SUE can purchase tickets on the museum’s website to see the fleshed-out replica during the museum’s new hours Thursdays-Mondays (closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays for cleaning).


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