Mold-A-Rama Figurines For Sale to Help Shuttered Zoos and Museums

For the first time, Mold-A-Rama is selling existing and retired molded figurines helping to raise money for shuttered museums and zoos.

Mold-A-Ramas from nine parks around the country, as well as retired molds (like Willis Tower), are for sale for $10-$20 on the Mold-A-Rama website. The cost includes shipping and handling.

Sue Jones, co-owner of Mold-A-Rama Inc., said that she had already received more than 70 orders in the first hour after posting information about the sale in Facebook.

The molded figurines in stock are those that are created when service technicians arrive at a machine to service it or test it before it is added as an attraction. Those that have been saved are for sale.

Mold-A-Ramas aren’t sold by the company online to help attract sales at the venues.

“These zoos still have to feed the animals, and they’re running short because they don’t have attendance right now,” Jones said. “We’re still honoring our contract with them. We wanted to help them out.”

Mold-A-Rama is also a small business, and is continuing to pay its technicians and service teams while Illinois and Michigan are under stay at home orders.

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