Five things to see at Kohl Children’s Museum this summer

If you haven’t been up to Kohl Children’s Museum in a while, this summer just might be the perfect time to visit. They’ve got some great temporary exhibits, some permanent exhibits that are especially popular this time of year, and all of the usual family faves. Here are our five picks not to miss.

Our top picks not to miss this season at Glenview’s popular museum.

It’s the perfect time of year for butterflies, so start yourvisit at this temporary exhibit (through Sept. 1), an easy-to-misswindow located just outside the Adventures in Art studio. Kids cansee beautiful orange-and-black Monarchs perfectly at eye level andwatch them flutter around or take a break at some orange slices.Plus, get an up-close glimpse at the whole metamorphosis process,thanks to chrysalises shipped in from Florida.

Watch Us Grow: Monarch Butterflies

If you’ve got older kids, you won’t want to miss this temporaryexhibit (through Sept. 1). In our preview, we compared the humancentrifuge to a scaled-down Gravitron. But really it’s more similarto the Gravitron’s carnival cousin, the teacup ride. Kids will lovetesting the concepts of spin while mom gets a great arm workout.And there are lots of other fun twists to try, from the racingrollers to the air thrusters, and even a cool spinning chair.

Spin: The Science of Rotation

If you’re headed up to Ravinia for one of their open-airconcerts – or to your park district, for that matter – first stopat this permanent exhibit that explores how sounds turn into music.Sure, parents might think it’s noisy in there, but kids have ablast plucking strings, beating drums and creating their own musicbox melody. We especially liked the video screen tucked into theback corner where you can dance and see your body make colorfulpatterns.

Ravinia Festival Music Makers

When it’s time for some running, jumping and climbing, headoutside, where you’ll find a sensory garden, nature-themedequipment and lots of space to stretch. Little Spidermen (andwomen) will love the webbed climbing structures, while morethoughtful visitors can try out binoculars or examine the localgreenery. It’s a great place to find some peace and quiet, too. Butbe aware that the Park is only open when weather allows (not toohot or cold), so check before you go.

Habitat Park

If all that running’s got you a little hot and sweaty, there’sno better place to cool off than this aquatic escape. Kids lovepushing buttons to make water squirt, filling up tanks andnavigating boats. Plus, it’s painted in ultra-cool blue, so itfeels like you’re right in the middle of a real ocean. Apron-stylesmocks are available, but we’d recommend bringing along a change ofclothes in case your kids go a little water crazy.

Water Works

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