Batmobile, ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ car among automotive treasures at Volo Auto Museum

Volo Auto Museum’s name does not adequately describe what this unique museum offers. Cars of all shapes, eras and styles dominate. But visitors will also find Hollywood memorabilia, military history and ample space to run and play. It’s the combination of these factors that gives Volo bang for the buck.

We were surprised to enter a giant green park filled with barn-like structures. After a long drive, I let my sons run around and climb some of the play structures before heading inside to the 1950s-style snack shop/gift shop where you get your tickets. Thankfully, they were distracted from “Mom, can I have…?” by the cars, statues and videos we discovered in the first room of the museum.

The Hollywood Hall of Fame houses vehicles from movie and television history. We found Speed Racer’s ride along with Cinderella’s carriage. Beyond cars, the room is filled with props, costumes and video screens showing how these creative cars were used. Most of the vehicles are no-touch, but kids are invited to climb into Fred Flintstone’s prehistoric transportation. There are also coin-operated kids’ rides, from horses to race cars, to keep little ones engaged.

We ventured outside to see the museum’s show pieces-the Batmobile and the General Lee (from “Dukes of Hazzard”). Again they couldn’t touch, but my 5-year-old was thrilled just to be in the presence of his superhero’s car.

Then we found the military vehicles, tanks, trucks and even a Vietnam-era helicopter. We entered the Military History Experience to find re-creations of battle scenes, complete with sound effects and plenty of fake blood. It was interesting, but the sounds were a little intense for my young sons so we moved through quickly.

Across the parking lot, huge show barns house antique and muscle cars for sale. We wandered through, taking in the changes in styles and colors over time. But since everything here is no touch, we decided to hit the park again before heading home.

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