Watch This, Do That: Hocus Pocus

On Halloween night, Max, the new kid in Salem, summons the Sanderson sisters, an infamous trio of witches, when he lights a candle in their old house. After being gone for 300 years, the witches are determined to suck the life of every child in town in order to live forever, unless someone stops them.

The ‘90s cult classic has become a Halloween tradition for many families over the years. What better way to celebrate the season of the witch? While watching, here are a few lessons to point out with your kids:

  • Family is everything. Max and his sister, Dani, become closer throughout the movie as they work together to stop the Sanderson sisters from taking over Salem. Talk with your child about how families have a special bond. They can have great one, too, if they support each other.
  • Change is inevitable. The witches are determined to stay young forever. Max wants to go back to California. Change happens, and it’s not easy. But you’ll always deal with changes in life and tomorrow is another day.
  • Be yourself. Being a little weird isn’t a terrible thing. Look at the Sanderson sisters, they don’t care about what people think of them as they navigate the modern world. Their quirkiness is what made them part of today’s pop culture. Just don’t eat children, OK?

Movie-inspired activities

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After watching Hocus Pocus, try these screen-free activities with your family:

  • Make a black cat craft. In honor of Thackery Binx, the immortal black cat, put together this easy black cat paper craft. You can even add it to your Halloween home decor!
  • Experiment with smells. “I smell children!” Play a memory game with your nose to find out if your sense of smell is as strong as Mary Sanderon’s.
  • Make candy corn. This Hocus Pocus-inspired candy corn recipe seems like the perfect treat to taste while watching the Halloween movie.
  • Mix witches’ brew. Get your hands dirty while learning a little about science with this spooky slime recipe.
  • Have a cackle contest. Don’t witches have the best laughs? See who can re-create the best cackle in your family.

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