8 Passover Books for Kids

Kids of all faiths can learn more about the holiday with these books for young readers.

Jewish families celebrate Passover in the spring with a Seder dinner, stories and reading the Haggadah. Kids of all faiths can understand the holiday with these books, written with kids in mind.

Lotsa Matzah by Tilda Balsley

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Best for ages: 0-4 years

Told in rhyming couplets that are best for toddlers, Lotsa Matzah provides a wonderful introduction to why we celebrate Passover. The beautifully illustrated story covers all of the important bases for kids—from eating Matzoh to how Jewish families mark the occasion together.

It’s Passover, Grover! by Jodie Shepherd

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Best for ages: 2-5 years

Grover prepares for Passover on Sesame Street. Toddlers will love seeing their Sesame Street pals celebrating with a Seder together and the book comes with a game, stickers and a poster.

The Littlest Levine by Sandy Lanton

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Best for ages: 4-7 years

Hannah Levine is the youngest in her family and is always last to do everything. But in the weeks leading up to Passover, Hannah gets to spend quality time with her grandpa to practice reading the four questions for the Passover Seder—the most important job of all!

The Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah by Leslie Kimmelman

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Best for ages: 4-8 years

A fun, Jewish spin on the traditional Little Red Hen book, this story takes young readers through the process of planting wheat seeds, harvesting and milling wheat, and making the flour into matzah. The end of the book contains a short glossary of terms related to Passover.

The Kveller Haggadah: A Seder for Curious Kids (and their Grownups) by Elissa Strauss & Gabrielle Birkner

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Best for ages: 8-12

Let kids in on the adventure of Passover. Reading the Haggadah from the perspective of a child helps both kids and grownups understand the story. Kids are encouraged to ask questions (not just the big four) so they understand the meal better.

Passover is Coming! by Tracy Newman and Viviana Garofoli

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Best for ages: 1-4

Join a tight-knit family and their pup as they go about preparing the house for Passover. Make matzah ball soup, assemble the seder plate, ask the Four Questions and more as you learn more about this important holiday.

Passover: A Celebration of Freedom by Bonnie Bader and Joanie Stone


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Best for ages: 2-5

This Big Golden Book makes a great addition to your collection. Teach little ones the story of Passover, traditions around the holiday and how Jewish people celebrate Passover today. Filled with beautiful illustrations, this book offers the perfect amount of information to young readers.

The Story of Passover by David A. Adler and Jill Weber

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Best for ages: 4-8

This book is perfect for kiddos who need a simple introduction to one of the most important Jewish holidays. The Story of Passover is a dramatic and exciting — but accurate — retelling of Passover that engages and informs little readers. There’s even a small section that connects the story of Passover to modern-day celebrations and foods.

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