Na’imah’s Summer Key Lime Pie in a Jar


2 cups crushed graham crackers

4 Tbsp. butter

8 oz cream cheese softened

7 oz condensed milk

1/2 cup vanilla greek yogurt

1/4 cup key lime juice

Green food coloring

3/4 cup whipped topping

4 slices of lime to garnish

4 small glass mason jars


In a large bowl, add the cream cheese, condensed milk, yogurt and lime juice. Mix well until it becomes creamy. To make the filling appear more vibrant, add a drop of green food coloring.

For the crust, add your crushed graham crackers and butter to a bowl and mix.

In a mason jar, add a couple spoonfuls of the graham cracker mixture onto the bottom. Next, add a couple of spoonfuls of the key lime filling on top. Place two more scoops of the graham cracker on top of the key lime filling.

Top off the jar with 1/4 cup whipped topping and a slice of lime.

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