Give your hot cocoa a little life with snowmen softies

Be the most popular mom on the block by adding a little marshmallow snowman to that hot chocolate treat. 

Surprise your little ones or let them create their own. The sweet softies will cheer up anyone on a cold winter’s day.



Mini candy corns or orange M&Ms

Pretzel sticks

Mini chocolate chips

Black icing for writing

3-inch toothpicks


Put three marshmallows on the 3-inch toothpick to create the snowman’s body. Note: If you only have regular toothpicks, use two through the center with one connecting the top marshmallow and the other connecting the bottom.

Break a pretzel stick in half to create “arms.” It helps to twist the pretzels into the marshmallow to secure them. Twist the arms into the center marshmallow on the sides. 

Break off a small part of another two pretzel sticks to create “legs” and twist those into the bottom marshmallow. 

For the snowman’s buttons, use an extra toothpick to create a small hole to stick the mini-chocolate chips into. Do the same for the candy corn or M&M nose.

Use black icing to make coal eyes and a smile. Or melt some chocolate chips and place in a small plastic bag with a cut tip to draw on the face. 

Once the hot cocoa is ready, place your snowman across the top of the mug and enjoy! Make sure the kids know there is a toothpick in the center.

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