8 Family Movies and Shows to Stream This April

As we look for more ways to have fun while we stay home, the streaming world doesn’t fail to keep us entertained. There are plenty of new family movies and shows to enjoy in April, along with some classics. Plus, there are a few nature documentaries to watch on Earth Day. Here are our streaming picks to add to your watch list this month.

How to Train Your Dragon, April 1, Amazon Prime


A young Viking named Hiccup is training to fight dragons. But, when he becomes friends with a dragon, he thinks there’s a way for Vikings and dragons to get along in this first film that launched the How to Train Your Dragon movie franchise.

Ramona and Beezus, April 1, Hulu


With the recent death of beloved children’s author, Beverly Cleary, revisit the 2010 film adaptation of Ramona and Beezus. Ramona has a mind of her own and while her older sister, Beatrice, finds her annoying, she soon learns that her younger sister’s eccentricities might help save their family’s home.

Big Shot, April 16, Disney+


When a college basketball coach (John Stamos) gets fired, he takes a job at an all-girls private school. He then notices that the girls’ basketball team has potential for something special. If your family loves a feel-good sports movie, then add this new show to your watch list.

Arlo The Alligator Boy, April 16, Netflix


Arlo, who is half human and half alligator, leaves behind his life in the swamp to find his father in New York City. Along the way, he meets a group of misfits who become his new friends and together, they go on a musical adventure. After this film, Netflix will release I Heart Arlo, a new animated musical series following Arlo’s adventures.

The Year Earth Changed, April 16, Apple TV+


How much has the Earth changed since the coronavirus pandemic? While humans stopped their lives, nature has changed in remarkable, positive ways across the world. The documentary, narrated by David Attenborough, shares how humans’ actions can impact wildlife and nature and there are new ways for the two worlds to co-exist.

Secrets of the Whales, April 22, Disney+


Disney+ has quite the collection of nature documentaries that families can watch to learn more about our world. The latest Disney+ Original is Secrets of the Whales from National Geographic. Explore the whale culture with five different species: orcas, humpbacks, belugas, narwhals and sperm whales in this epic journey.

The Mitchells vs The Machines, April 30, Netflix


A dysfunctional family road trip takes a turn when The Mitchells find themselves in the middle of the robot apocalypse. Now, it’s up to them – quirks and all – to save themselves and the rest of the world.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers — Streaming Now, Disney+

Remember the classic ’90s hockey movie, The Mighty Ducks? They’re back! After her son is kicked out the Mighty Ducks junior hockey team, a mother decides to recruit a new team of underdogs. All she’s missing is help from the Mighty Ducks’ original coach, Gordon Bombay. New episodes are added every Friday.

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