5 cozy fall dessert recipes to make with your kids

Fall officially begins soon, meaning comfort-food season is just around the corner. Why not spend your kids’ after-school time whipping up some yummy baked goods together? These tasty dessert recipes are easy enough for your junior chefs to assist you with. 

Easy cinnamon baked apples

Grab some apples from your local orchard and get to making this simple, healthy and grain-free dessert. Smaller kids won’t be able to assist with the apple peeling and slicing, but they can still get in on the fun when it’s time to toss the ingredients together. Pair the dish with ice cream or coconut whipped cream if you want to keep it dairy free.

Get the recipe at Minimalist Baker.

Pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal bars

Pumpkin bars are the quintessential fall treat. If you’re wanting to up the nutrition level, this recipe fits the bill by including fiber-rich oats. (Does that mean we can eat these bars for breakfast?) Chocolate chips add just the right amount of sweetness to the mix. This truly is a “throw it in a bowl and mix” type of recipe, so your kids can help (and sneak chocolate chips) at every step of the process.

Get the recipe at Nutritious Eats.

Maple sugar cookies

This twist on the classic sugar cookie will make your kitchen smell heavenly. Plus, kids will love cutting the dough into fun shapes with cookie cutters. While the cookies are baking, have them assist you in making a cream cheese frosting to top the treats with. Are these cookies the healthiest? Nope. But they are delicious and sometimes that’s just what you need after a long day.

Get the recipe at Taste of Home.

Monkey bread

Homemade monkey bread is great, but the biscuit kind is a lot easier and less time-consuming. Your little ones can take turns opening the biscuit container and making the loud “pop” sound (Does that scare anyone else? Just me?) and they can also shake the ingredients together in the plastic bag. You’ll have a hard time stopping your own monkeys from devouring this dessert in one sitting.

Get the recipe at The Pioneer Woman.

Banana cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream

Chances are your kids are huge PB and banana fans. Make dessert dreams come true by combining the ingredients with a dessert favorite — cupcakes! This recipe is slightly more complicated than the others, but totally worth the effort. Kids can help with parts of the cooking, from mixing to frosting the cupcakes.

Get the recipe at Southern Living.

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