10 Super Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

You can recreate some of these Elf on the Shelf ideas in minutes.

If the Elf on the Shelf visits your home, then you know how much your kids love finding the elf each morning. But, as we’re counting down the days until Christmas, it becomes harder to find the time to organize the elf’s magical schemes. Instead of calling it quits, try out these ten easy Elf on the Shelf ideas that you can recreate in minutes.

Gather your holiday baking supplies

Planning to make Christmas cookies this year? Bring out the ingredients, mixing bowls, cookie cutters, icing packs and sprinkles to let your elf announce tonight’s holiday activity! If you don’t mind the mess, lay him on a snow angel made of flour to really make the kids giggle.

Come down with the case of the sniffles

When winter rolls around, it’s almost inevitable for a family member to get sick. Don’t let them feel alone by having your elf take a sick day too. Wrap him up in a tissue-made blanket and pillow to keep him warm. Plus, add some cough drops and medicine to ensure that he’ll get better soon.

Host a slumber party

Gather all the stuffed animals and dolls to make the best sleepover for the holiday season. Use socks as sleeping bags to keep them warm. Throw in some eaten popcorn to show they had a good time. Want to add even more fun? Bring out some classic holiday movies like “Elf” and “Home Alone” to let the family have their own movie night too.

Brush your teeth

The elf is around to remind the kiddos to behave. Start off with a refresher on teeth cleaning. Switch out the brushes with new ones and include some floss. Then, write on the bathroom counter with toothpaste, “Brush your teeth!”

TP the Christmas tree

Have your elf cause a little harmless mischief. Wrap toilet paper around the tree as tinsel. Set the elf in your tree and have him hold the roll so your kids know who’s the culprit.

Organize a candy cane scavenger hunt

Elf on the Shelf doesn’t only have to be a game of finding the elf! Try organizing a scavenger hunt for sweets. Hide candy canes throughout the house and leave a note with the elf sharing how many candy canes are hidden.

Prepare a sweet bath

Flying to and from the North Pole is a lot of work for your elf. Make him a nice sweet bath filled with mini marshmallows. Add in a rubber duckie so he can have a bath buddy too!

Leave a basket for toys

The holidays aren’t just about receiving gifts for kids. Sit your elf next to a basket and have him tell your family it’s time to get rid of your toys. You can make it an annual holiday tradition to visit a local toy drive.

Draw faces on a picture frame

Use a dry eraser over the glass to add in some silly faces on one of your family photos. Stick your elf behind the frame with the marker in hand because he’ll be proud of his artwork.

Collect all your holiday books

Reading before bedtime is about to get really festive. Have your elf “stack up” all the holiday books and any other fun reads. If you have some time, wrap each book as well to make it an exciting countdown until Christmas.

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