8 Recycled Crafts for Earth Day

Kids can celebrate the planet on Earth Day by recycling some materials and turning them into a super fun craft!

Every year, over 193 countries celebrate Earth Day together on April 22. As a family, you can join the movement by planting a tree or switching to non-toxic cleaning products.

Once you have made your contribution, have some fun with these crafts that utilize recycled materials.

Egg Carton Easter Wreath

Prepare for your Easter celebrations by getting the family together for craft time. Upcycled from egg cartons and old magazines, this Egg Carton Easter Wreath will take a lot of cutting, painting and assembling that you can work on as a family. While you work, talk about what you are looking forward to this spring.

Get the tutorial at Our Potluck Family.

Recycled Tin Can Planters

What better way to teach children about the planet than to plant! This fun activity takes just a few minutes to make and your family members can learn to take care of their plants by remembering to water them regularly.

Get the tutorial at Tried & True

Bottle Cap Flowers

Gardening can be a fun family project that helps to foster a sense of responsibility. Earth Day is a great reason to plant a garden. While you are at it, create bottle cap flowers to adorn your garden with recycled art.

Get the tutorial at Suburbia Unwrapped

DIY Earth Day Crayon Craft

This craft is a fun way to use up those inevitable, partially used crayons you have laying around. If you want to use up multiple colors, forego the green and blue Earth idea and create rainbows. Your kiddos will love seeing the crayons melt and coloring with their creations once they are ready.

Get the tutorial at Today’s Creative Life

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft

Save those toilet paper rolls and transform them into a pretty butterfly! You’ll already have these craft supplies on hand. These butterflies are perfect to try out as a spring craft.

Get the tutorial at The Resourceful Mama.

Coffee Filter Planet Earth

This easy craft will spark a great conversation about how we can protect Earth. Take turns brainstorming ideas on how you can make our earth better as a family and while your craft dries, act on one of them!

Get the tutorial at About a Mom

Paper Towel Roll Bird Feeder

This one is a classic! Reuse the cardboard rolls that are leftover from toilet paper pr paper towels and turn them into weather-proof bird feeders. Spread vegetable shortening on a paper towel roll, then roll it in bird seed. Slide the finished feeder over a branch and watch the birds flock to it! Pro tip: If there’s shortening leftover after the birds have eaten the seed, give it another coating of bird seed and reuse the feeder.

Get the tutorial at Fireflies and Mud Pies. 

Styrofoam Mosaics

It seems like everything comes packaged in extra plastic, wrapping and/or styrofoam these days. Put some of that excess to good use by creating a beautiful mosaic out of old packing peanuts and styrofoam. Break down your packing peanuts, paint them different colors, then let your imagination run wild as you craft your recycled masterpiece.

Get the tutorial at Artsy Craftsy Mom. 

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