10 easy steps to make DIY mini Polaroid magnets


  • Photoshop
  • Polaroid Action (free download here)
  • Inkjet printer
  • Thick(er) photo paper
  • Modge Podge
  • Small sponge brush (not pictured)
  • Scissors
  • 1” reel of adhesive magnet
  • Transparency paper or cardboard



Download and install Polaroid Action into Photoshop. Many thanks to the creator of this free action. You can find different free actions just by browsing the web, but this one is pretty awesome!


Decide which images you would like to use and begin opening them in Photoshop. I chose a handful of favorite images from my 2014 archives.


Begin playing with the actions! Each option offers a unique, retro look. One of my personal favorites is “type 600 expired (underexposure)”! To run an action, select “Play” from your actions palette and follow the prompts. Hit “Continue” to create the white frame to give your photo a true Polaroid look. Your next option will be adjusting the outer glow to the edge of the frame. I just hit “Okay” and found that his pre-set suited me fine. The last prompt will ask you if you want to resize your photograph inside the frame; I usually hit “Continue” to adjust the image crop. Before going any further, create a new, blank document sized according to your photo paper.


Once you’re satisfied with the outcome of the action, merge all of your layers. Now we need to resize the entire image (frame included) to make our Polaroids truly mini! From the tool bar, select “Image,” and then select “Image size.” I chose to make mine 1” wide (just like the magnets!) x 1.187” tall. Hit “Okay” and save!


Drag the completed “Polaroid” over to the new blank, file we created in step #3. Repeat this step as many times as desired and/or in order to fill up your piece of photo paper.


Print using an inkjet printer. Let your printed photos dry for at least 20 minutes.


Carefully use scissors to cut out your photos. (I suppose an exacto knife might be more accurate!) Be prepared to feel very angry about how many photos you decided to print, or at least have your hand cramp up.


Using a small sponge brush, apply a light, even coat of modge podge. The modge podge will help seal and protect your photo. Next time around, I would be a bit more precise with this step. Let your photos dry for 30-40 minutes. As long as it is applied correctly, the modge podge should dry clear.


Stick the dry photo directly onto magnet adhesive and cut out! Repeat until you get an adorable little pile of mini Polaroid magnets perfect for decorating or as a handmade gift!


Stick to your fridge and enjoy their aesthetic appeal!

Another great option is simply displaying the mini, modge podged photos without the magnet. Here I added a bit of twine and some mini clothespins as a fun twist. A creative idea for displaying photographs in a kids bedroom or even an event!

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