How to Make Your Own Dinosaur Dig at Home

Your pint-sized paleontologists can dig for dinos, rocks and more.

Help cultivate your kid’s passion for these prehistoric creatures with a fun dinosaur activity where they can be the one digging for dinosaurs in their very own DIY dino dig. No need for pricey excavation kits. Plus, you may have most of the materials already on hand. The best part? I guarantee you these will keep the kids busy.


  • Bowl
  • Container (foil or plastic)
  • Cookie sheets (optional)
  • Safety glasses
  • Small dinosaurs and small rocks
  • 4 pounds of Plaster of Paris
  • Excavation tools like a brush, hammer, chisel, smaller hammer, toothpicks (or whatever’s lying around Dad’s toolbox)
  • Magnifying glass (optional)


  1. Gather all the fun items the kids will want to dig up. Small dinosaurs and pebbles work best.
  2. Have the kids set up the items in the container. Note: The larger the container, the more mix you’ll need.
  3. Combine equal parts Plaster of Paris sand and water in a bowl (preferably a bowl you don’t mind throwing away) and mix. Pour mixture into the container with the treasures.
  4. Wait for the mixture to set overnight.
  5. Set up a dino dig area. (Outside is best because it WILL get messy.)
  6. Flip over the hardened mixture on the cookie sheet.
  7. Now for the fun part: Get digging! Make sure to have the kids wear safety glasses. They can chip away with small brushes, small hammers and toothpicks. To spice things up, the kids can switch containers and try excavating someone else’s dino dig.
  8. Uncover all the goodies!

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