How to paint cherry blossom flowers


Each year at the end of March, the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., celebrates springtime and signifies friendship. Let spring bloom inside your home with this easy stamp project to create your own bright pink cherry blossom trees.




White canvas or thick paper


Empty 16-ounce plastic bottle


Pink and brown paint




Paper or plastic disposable plate




1. Pick a 16-ounce plastic bottle that has a five point star-shaped bottom. Empty and dry the plastic bottle to use as your stamper.


2. Using brown paint and a brush, freehand draw a tree with multiple branches on the canvas. Make sure to leave room to stamp your flowers around the branches. Let dry before stamping flowers.


3. Pour some pink paint on the plate and dip the bottom of the plastic bottle into the paint to completely cover the star-shaped bottom.


4. Carefully stamp and press the paint-filled bottom around the branches of the tree to create flowers. Repeat to create as many cherry blossom flowers as desired. Once it’s dry, hang your spring masterpiece and enjoy.


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