7 Fun Board Games for Families to Play

Rainy day (or global coronavirus crisis) got you bored and stuck inside? Why not grab a few board games and introduce a new tradition with your family? Here’s a list of great games – from the classics to the latest award-winners – for some all-ages family fun, whatever the weather.

Cranium by Ludo

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Cranium is possibly the game to end all games. Players get the chance to use their skills in art (sculpting, doodling), English (spelling words backwards), performance (charades, impersonations) and trivia (bizarre true or false questions and challenging multiple choice). Recommended for ages 12 and up, but younger kids could certainly join in on a team.


Morphology Junior

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Think “Pictionary” – with items. Morphology is an award-winning creative party game that lets players use sticks, beads and rings to get their team members to guess their clue. Morphology Junior uses slightly easier clues than the original and tweaks the rules a bit, but is just as much fun.


Risk by Hasbro

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Risk is a game of Napoleonic endeavors, thrilling strategy and surefire fun. Each player starts with the same amount of soldiers spread randomly in different regions across the world. Challenging opponents in dice-rolling battles will determine who takes over new territories and eventually whose army will dominate the map. Start making those alliances now!


Rapid Reflex

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Here’s a truly entertaining game that can also have some educational value. Different colored cards are on the table. The object of Rapid Reflex is to match colors with nouns. If you’re the first to slap the correct-color card with the correct hand (i.e. “Left Hand Pickle!”), you’ll win that card. It’s great for kids still learning left from right and for increasing vocabulary.


Catch Phrase by Hasbro

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Catch Phrase is testament that sometimes, the simpler game is the better one. Try to get team members to guess your clue and pass it to the next player before the timer goes out. The persistent, beeping timer will let everyone know time is running low! When Catch Phrase starts beeping faster, even your quiet cousin will be gesticulating and yelling out clues.


Apples to Apples by Mattel

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Older kids and adults will love this popular game that involves pairing adjectives with nouns and pronouns from foods to historical figures. The results are ironic, wacky and always hilarious. The instructions for Apples to Apples lay out a bunch of different games you can play once you buy the set of cards, giving the game great replay value.


Monopoly by Parker Brothers

Monopoly has gone through many facelifts throughout the years – from commemorative versions with new pieces to special editions for every TV show, movie or special interest known to man. There’s even a version that uses electronic banking via debit cards to make transactions. But no matter what changes, there’s nothing like playing with that colorful paper money. Learn the basics of real estate, economics and good ol’ fashioned family fun.



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