35 At-Home Activities to Keep Kids Busy

As we try to spend more time at home to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the kids are restless. The words “I’m bored” have come out of their mouths more times than you can count. You knew it was coming. Now what? We’ve got you covered with plenty of at-home activities to help cure their boredom.

Things to Do with Kids at Home

Movies, Shows & Games

You can easily find enough family entertainment at home. Pop popcorn to watch a few new movies or gather all your pillows and blankets to build the most epic indoor fort. Here are a few more fun ideas to try.


Virtual Activities

Zoom doesn’t just have to be for e-learning! Kids can spend time on there to connect with long-distance relatives and friends. Make their next video chat more entertaining like playing games or going on a virtual vacation.


Kid-Friendly Recipes

Make new memories in the kitchen by getting the whole family involved. Explore our recipes collection to find a dessert or dinner that your kids can help out with. Here are some of our favorite recipes to make.


DIY Projects

Get all your creative juices flowing with crafts and other cool projects. From exciting science experiments to simple coloring pages, your kids won’t even notice that they’re learning something new too.


Children’s Books

You don’t have to wait until bedtime to read a good book. Squeeze in a few more reading times throughout the day to encourage your kids to love reading. On your next library trip, check out a few of these titles mentioned below.


Family Fitness

It’s tempting to lay on the couch all day. But you can still get moving at home whether it’s in your living room, in your background or around the block. Give these fun family workouts a try to get your heart pumping.


Backyard Fun

If your family has a backyard, make the most of it by taking some of your favorite at-home activities outdoors, like making an obstacle course or reading a book. Also, here are a few seasonal activities to try throughout the year.


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This story originally published on ChicagoParent.com on Jan. 19, 2018, and has been updated.

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