5 Chicagoland camps for the best summer memories

We’ve completed 1000-piece puzzles, painted sticks, visited all the parks in a 10-mile radius, swam in three different pools, and even busted out the water balloons. This summer break is off to an exhausting start and I still have one child in school. 

Fresh out of activities to fill the rest of spring/summer 2018, I researched a few places that never seem to run dry of fun and unique experiences. I wanted the kids to learn new things, think independently, build confidence and be open-minded about new people and experiences. 

Here are five local summer camps worth looking into!

Fred’s Camp

Good for: Kindergarten – First Grade

Fred’s junior camp is perfect for the active little sponges our kids are at 5, 6 and 7 years old. From soccer and basketball, to yoga, dance and crafts, your kids will love their first camper experience. They will also get to take weekly trips to museums, cool off at a water park and giggle their way through a comedy act with musical guests. 

MSA & Circus Arts

Good for: First – Second Grade 

Ever feel like your home is a circus? This camp is for you. Beginner Aerial Arts start at age 6, but tumbling classes start as early as 3 if you’d like to get your little monkey beginning younger. Clowning, tight wire and juggling options start at age 7, so if you’re planning to run a well-oiled circus at home, make sure the little ones can pull their weight!

Steve & Kate’s Camp

Good for: Second – Third Grade

This camp is so convenient because there are locations literally everywhere. The hours are flexible, which is great for kids that may have practices or other commitments, but still want a memorable summer camp experience. Kids can choose from a variety of interests, like bread-making, coding, becoming a fashion designer and filmmaking.  


Good for: Third – Fourth Grade

Predict the unpredictable. Each day, campers will participate in a different theme, such as building, sewing, designing, science or math. The camp aims to build leaders and encourages decision-making and positive relationships with staff and other campers in a small, creative setting. 

Camp Galileo

Good for: Fourth – Fifth Grade

With locations in the city and suburbs, this camp is as convenient as it is innovative. You and your child can pick from 11 majors ranging from Culinary Arts and YouTube Producers, to Mobile Game Design and 3D Printing. There are classes starting as young as Pre-K also.

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