Talking About Race and Racism with Kids

With today’s headlines and the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, it’s now more important than ever to raise our children to understand race and racism in our country.

Having these conservations aren’t the easiest, especially with kids. Where do you start, how can you explain serious topics to younger children so they’ll understand and how do we raise this generation to do better in the future?

That’s why we created this Talking about Race guide to provide resources, tips and other important conversations focused on race and racism. We’ll dive into how to raise anti-racist kids, get some perspectives from BIPOC parents, and how to help support these communities in Chicagoland and beyond. ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿

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Starting conversations about race and racism is already difficult for some adults, how can we expect to get these crucial topics across to our younger children? Below, you’ll find a variety of resources including kid-friendly books, movies and activities with anti-racism themes in mind.

14 Spanish/English Bilingual Picture Books for Kids

Families can embrace learning in two languages!

13 Learning Activities to Help Discuss Race with Kids

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15 Anti-Racism Books for Kids to Read at Home

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How to Address Racism in Kids’ Books and Movies

Talk about the racism with your kids, too.

25 #OwnVoices Books for Kids

Introduce them to diverse cultures.

Diverse Toys for Kids: What Brands to Buy

Check out these 19 inclusive brands!

How to Teach Your Kids about Native American History

Start the conversation during Thanksgiving.



Raising children of color in America is challenging for a number of parents. That’s why we welcome BIPOC parents to share their voices to give us all perspective on how their experiences are different when raising their kids in Chicagoland. Have a personal story to share? Email us at

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Founded in 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement has become an international movement to put an end to white supremacy and systemic racism. Here is some more information on how to get involved your family involved with Black Lives Matter.

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Another great way to continue your anti-racism work is by teaching your kids to support BIPOC businesses, creators and communities. Here are some spots in the Chicago area owned by people of color, and other ways to instill anti-racism in other aspects of your life.

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