Train-tripping: Brown and Red Line trips for little feet

El trains and neighborhood dining: Knowing your way around both is the mark of a true Chicagoan. Take the kids along for an introductory ride that combines both.

Make a Messterpiece

Congratulations to our winners: Ann Luban, Bella, Cheryl, Dezi, Julie Horras, Super Mommy and Theresa.

Exercise now pays off later, study shows

A new study has found that the positive effects of regular exercise can pay off later in life.

Health Matters | Understanding your child’s growth chart

With all those lines and numbers, growth charts seem like they should come with instructions. Dr. Lisa Thornton decodes these charts and explains why they're important to your child's growth.

Video | Mr. Furry Fur Fur, the earth-friendly raccoon

Watch Chicago Parent's exclusive interview with Mr. Furry Fur Fur, the environmentally-friendly raccoon.

Cosmotot | Great finds for hip babies and parents

Parents of newborns will go through 196 diapers in the first two weeks, a quart of breast milk a day and countless bottles and wipes as baby blooms virtually overnight. Show off growth spurts with finds that combine practicality with originality this fall.

What you need to know about swine flu

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that children 6 months old and older be a priority to receive the H1N1 vaccination. Pregnant women and those caring for infants less than 6 months old are also a priority.

Eliminating the need for diapers

Elimination communication — the natural practice of tuning in to baby’s elimination needs and holding them over a receptacle — is popular in many parts of the world, and practiced by some local families.

Tame your tough-as-nails toddler

It may seem impossible to "civilize" a 1-year-old, but Dr. Harvey Karp swears by his toddler-taming techniques. Recently, Chicago Parent had the opportunity to chat with Karp one-on-one about how to raise a happy toddler.

New children’s museum opens in Oak Lawn

Kids can use real tools to build, climb into a treehouse, explore nature and water and put on a show at the new Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn, which opened July 27.
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A Must Try Recipe