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Traverse City and Northern Michigan

Northern Michigan is one of those places where it’s all about the outdoors, from the majestic sand dunes along Lake Michigan to a traditional drive-in movie theater

Crossing the Great Lakes

If you're planning to head to Michigan this summer, but want to ensure that "getting there" is at least part of your family vacation fun, try traveling by plane or boat.

Just a little horsin’ around

If your family is ready to ditch the four-star hotels and look for a little more rustic vacation, you may want to check out a ranch vacation. Here are two places we recommend.

A “Dolphin Tale” trip to Florida

Experience your own version of the movie "Dolphin Tale" with a trip to where it all began.

Luxurious hotels perfect for families

Bask in the lap of luxury--with kids--in Chicago.

Travel New York with toddlers

As the city that never sleeps, New York may have more in common with your children than you think. We've got some spots not to miss when visiting New York City with kids.

Be a tourist in your hometown

We’re probably all guilty of rolling our eyes at a group of tourists fumbling with maps and blocking our way. But Chicago is a world-class city, so why should the natives miss out on all the fun? We’ve got six ideas for experiencing our great city like it was your first trip around the Loop.

Take a culinary world tour without leaving Chicago

Introduce your kids to the flavors of the world without leaving Chicago.

Exotic travel, with kids

Think your days of traveling to exotic locales is over now that you have kids? We've got some ideas to get you back on the road.

Travel Europe without leaving the Midwest

Even if your budget won't let you cross the ocean this summer to visit the real Europe, there are plenty of places nearby to experience other countries.
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