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Spring 2012

Special Parent E-Book

Can't find a copy of Special Parent? Read or download our pdf.

Chicago’s newest super hero

You’ve heard of Superman and Batman, but it’s time for a new crime fighter to join the ranks of your family’s favorite superheroes.

Find big flavor in Chicago’s Chinatown

Chicago Food Planet offers a three-hour walking tour of Chinatown that covers the food, history and culture of the largest Asian nation. And it’s right off the el’s Red line.

Spring break in the Shawnee National Forest

The Shawnee National Forest’s Garden of the Gods, roughly a six-hour drive from Chicago, erases the impression of Illinois as a flat Midwestern plain and offers a bit of adventure for families of all ages.

A taste of Acapulco in Chicago

For families who can't escape to the ocean for spring break but want to delight in coastal ambiance and fresh seafood, the next best thing is waiting in Ukrainian Village: El Barco Mariscos.

Hands-on play with toys and trains

America's Best Train & Hobby Shop is a dream come true for choo-choo crazy kids.

Be your own MythBuster at MSI

Anyone who has ever watched the TV show "MythBusters" knows blowing things up in the name of science is all part of the fun, as the show's two stars take an irreverent approach to testing scientific hypotheses. Don't miss the new MythBusters exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Take a treasure hunt in the city

Everyone loves to find treasure, whether it is a bit of sea glass on the beach or an Ann Taylor sweater from the Goodwill rack. Letterboxing, a new trend in treasure hunts, lets families follow a trail of clues to discover hidden gems throughout the city and suburbs.

Finding your zen spots

Are you in search of a little peace and quiet some days, but you need to figure out how to do that with kids around? Recently, local author Anne Ford scoured the city for tranquil places for her new book Peaceful Places Chicago.

Finding nature in your own backyard

Finding nature's hidden treasures can be as easy as heading out into your own backyard.
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A Must Try Recipe

5 Ways Kids Can Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Your kids can keep learning this summer with these ideas.

Father-Daughter Business ‘The Hot Dog Box’ Relishes in Success

They're changing the way Chicagoans eat their beloved hot dogs.

How to Pick the Best Sunscreen for Your Kids

Protect your family's skin this summer with these tips.