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September/October 2020

Local Mom’s New Book Takes on Apraxia

It's one of the top special needs books on Amazon.

New ABA Therapy Center Opens on South Side

Mainsail Therapeutics is in Beverly.

How Unexpected Detours Can Put You on the Right Path

How this mom got back on track to help her daughter's hearing loss.

Mane in Heaven is a Difference Maker in a Teeny Tiny Package

These miniature therapy horses are so special.

New Inclusive Playgrounds Open at Downers Grove

Lester Community Playground is for everyone.

How One Organized Mom Overcame the Pandemic Attack

I rather felt like nothing.

Why Do Kids Have Imaginary Friends?

We ask an expert.

Planning Your IEPs During COVID

How to help advocate your child.
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A Must Try Recipe

7 Berry Picking Farms Near Chicago

Pick your way through these awesome spots.