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September 2012

No place like home for Kohl’s Wizard of Oz exhibit

The Wizard of Oz returns home to Chicago with interactive and educational new exhibit.

Apple festivals in Chicago for families

Family fun at the core of two seasonal fests.

Inspiring creativity in kids through theater

Emerald City shows will inspire imaginations and have kids recreating scenes back home.

Kid-friendly pizza and barbecue in Chicago

Service and savory food at Big Bricks is great for the whole family.

Kid friendly opera in the classroom

Seven Chicago public schools are participating in a unique, musical program this fall.

Tips to avoid choking

There are plenty of ways to prepare food to reduce the risk of your child choking.

Back to school fall fashion for kids

Make sure your little students are dressed for success this school year.

An old dad’s advice to the young

Christopher Garlington advises young dads to put on their "dadface".

Toddler travels to Chicago to beat cancer

Australian family puts their faith in proton therapy.

How to survive working from home with a family

Working from home isn't always as easy as it sounds.
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A Must Try Recipe

Best Homework Apps for Students

Students these days have a lot to juggle.

Chicago Kids Can Express Pandemic Feelings in Public Art Project

Artwork to tell the story of the pandemic through kids’ eyes.

Water Safety 101: Lake and Pool Safety Tips for Families

These lake and pool safety tips can help.

6 Midwest Food Trails Worth the Trip

Don't read on an empty stomach