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Health scare: The moment no Chicago parent wants to think about

When a seemingly small health issue turned out to be not so insignificant, Sara found her mind wondering to places she'd rather not go.

Embrace change: Chicago mom throws out predictability

After finding herself stuck in a cycle of practicality and predictability, Sara decided to shake up her life, and she's all the happier for it.

Transitions: Inexperienced Chicago mom finally comes into her own at son’s graduation

Sara was the young, inexperienced mom when her son first started school. Fast-forward years later, to his high school graduation, and she feels she's finally arrived.

Chicago mom is sick of motion sickness

One of the least glamorous sides of parenting is dealing with motion sick kids. How do you handle the mess and stress?

Chicago mom meal challenge: Tackling Pinterest-inspired recipes

Sara challenged herself to make some of the delicious-looking recipes she pins on Pinterest for her family. See how they turned out!

Chicago mom opens family camp for summer

What's better than summertime when you're a kid, especially when you can go to camp! After a successful stint at mommy/camp counselor in the past, Sara is reopening her family camp this summer.

Transitions: Chicago mom prepares to send firstborn off to college

Sara is preparing to send her firstborn off to college. It's a transition she knows must happen, but she's just not ready.

Chicago mommy arsenal: Top 10 things you can’t live without

A good mommy arsenal will include things that help you get through the day a little easier and make you feel better about yourself. Sara shares her list. What's on yours?

Chicago mom learns that being a parent never really ends

No matter how old our children get, no matter how old we get, our kids will always need us for something and we will always need our parents for something. It's just the nature of the circle of parenting.

A trip to New York recharges Chicago mom

It's easy for parents to get burned out. The unrelenting winter was especially taking a toll on Sara, so she hopped a plane to New York for some much needed "me time."
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Illinois First to Require Asian American History in Schools

Illinois’ TEAACH Act called a ‘life saver’ for students.

Create Your Own Adventure in the Forest Preserves of Cook County

Brought to you by Forest Preserves of Cook County

How to Get Your Kids to Do Chores

Kids are never too young or old to get involved with cleaning the house!