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5 places in Skokie to survive winter break

The longer the kids are cooped up inside, the more stir crazy they'll get. Get them out and about in Skokie this winter break.

Winning the Black Friday fight

Chicago mom Sara has a fabulous plan to save money while still being a part of the exciting Black Friday hustle and bustle.

Infusing Chicago culture into kids

Chicago is a city with culture abound. Sara is determined to reintroduce her kids to all the city has to offer beyond play places and amusement parks.

How to teach kids that it’s okay to have feelings

It's normal to experience a wide range of emotions, and to show them when you feel them.

Asthma in kids: Preparing for another cold Chicago winter

When asthma affects kids, it can be scary. Educating yourself and consulting with doctors and allergists can make it more manageable.

The “been there, done that” Chicago mom

Without a "Been There, Done That" mom to guide her, Sara turned to books and her own instinct to guide her through parenting.

Preparing for Chicago’s deep freeze

The first signs of fall are appearing, which can only mean one thing: we'll be in the throws of winter soon enough. Sara is doing her best to prepare from now.

Chicago mom prepares to say goodbye

Sara's first born leaves the nest on Monday. A bittersweet moment in every parent's life.

Chicago mom: Talking to your daughter about body image

With so much pressure on young girls today to look perfect, Sara explores the best ways to talk to tweens and teens about body image.

Summer of no fun: Chicago super mom hangs up her cape

She's used to being Super Mom, but this summer has gotten the best of her.
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A Must Try Recipe

What Does Phase 5 Mean for Chicago Families?

Illinois and Chicago are fully reopened!

7 Berry Picking Farms Near Chicago

Pick your way through these awesome spots.

Juneteenth 2021 Guide for Chicago Families

Celebrate Freedom Day with these activities.