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November 2011

Smashing pumpkins

What to do with those old Jack-o-lanterns? Head to the Discovery Center in Rockford to catapult them, of course!

Child support – a lifeline for all?

A year ago you had a four-bedroom house and could think about making a purchase without much angst. Now you and your kids...

Loving Mia

Three women, in their own way, help shape what a little girl will become. An excerpt from Jennifer Grant's memoir.

Getting rid of the ‘R word’

Across the pond, it's "mong" or "spazz." In Mexico, se dice "mongo" or "mongolito." In Germany, it's "behindert" or "spast." I am...

The HPV vaccine

When preventing disease runs into political misinformation.

Sugar overload?

Christine Palumbo explores healthier ways to help kids get their sweet.

ChromaGen lenses help some reading disorders

9-year-old Steven has seen a world of difference since getting his new glasses.

Simple style for the holidays

A collection of style ideas to help you look fabulous mingling your way through a crowded room in heels while balancing a full plate of food, a glass of mulled wine, a sippy cup and an over-tired toddler.

Parent-friendly internet safety

Things to think about when holding an internet workshop for parents.

Your kid on the net

Getting your kids off search engines. Is it possible?
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A Must Try Recipe

The Delta Variant: What Parents Should Know

A Q&A with a Chicago infectious disease expert on the Delta variant.

Watch This, Do That: Space Jam: A New Legacy

'Bugs Bunny knows who I am!'

Common Bug Bites in Illinois: What Parents Should Know

Find out how to do the trick on ticks, bed bugs and more.