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Field Museum Sets July 17 for Reopening

General public can reserve tickets for July 24.

Smithsonian cancels Museum Day

This day-wide event celebrates the Earth!

New Adler exhibit shines light on Chicago’s night sky

Families will find better ways to see the stars.

4 reasons why you’ll want to visit PaleoFest at Burpee Museum

This event is IT for dino lovers this weekend.

Daniel Tiger exhibit opening at DuPage Children’s Museum

Preschoolers are going to love all of the interactive ways to learn about empathy and more.

Find all the furry fun at Mascot museum

Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, Ind., is filled with hands-on fun and learning
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A Must Try Recipe

My Mantra: Is This The Hill You Want to Die On?

Lisa Brislane, Harwood Heights

Top Public Middle Schools in Illinois

Check to see if your school made the list.

Summer Camp in an Adventure Park? Oh, Yeah.

Brought to you by The Forge: Lemont Quarries.

Healthy Vision Development Begins From Birth

Brought to you by Midwestern University.