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How Chicago moms can get their mojo back

When the demands of motherhood take their toll, turn your attention to nutrient-rich foods.

Ditch the kids and bond through beading at Chicago boutique

Even if you aren't crafty, it's easy to have a girls' night out making necklaces and bracelets at One Strange Bird in Chicago.

Affordable apps make a Chicago parent’s life easier

Busy parents can get some help just by downloading these apps.

Should kids use e-readers in bed?

It's not always safe for kids to bring an e-reader to bed--and here's why.

What to wear during Chicago summers

Columnist Meredith Sinclair has some great fashion advice on everything from swimsuits to sandals.

Pamper your family and pets at Chicago’s new Kinzie Hotel

Kids and dogs will find a fun place to stay at the Kinzie Hotel.

Elmhurst Museum Day is budget-friendly event for Chicago families

Elmhurst can be a great place for a day trip, especially when all its museums are free and a trolley will take your family from one location to another.

HGTV’s Meg Caswell shares secrets to creating unique nursery

As star of an HGTV show about designing rooms, Meg Caswell had some ideas of how she wanted her baby's nursery to look. She also shares some ideas to help you get started on your own unique baby's room.

Having it all isn’t good enough for one Chicago mom

Is having enough better than having it all? This mom thinks so.

Fussy Baby Network in Chicago ready to assist new parents

Help is just a phone call away for parents of fussy babies.
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A Must Try Recipe

7 Berry Picking Farms Near Chicago

Pick your way through these awesome spots.