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Making the Grade 2012

A+ teachers innovate, inspire, communicate

From kindergarten teachers to educational department heads and athletic directors, our schools have teachers that are always looking for new ways to engage our students in learning opportunities and who are making a difference in the lives of children of all ages.

The challenges and benefits of AP

Should your teen take Advanced Placement courses in high school? Arm yourself with our advice and talk to your school.

What’s in a grade?

Today's educators are finding new ways to help parents look beyond the letter grade and get a better idea of how their student is really doing academically.

Mastering math

Mathematics is all around us, and some Chicago schools are making those connections for kids, using technology and innovative curriculum them to understand the concepts and learn at their own pace.

The greening of schools

If we teach kids to take care of their environment through school programs, they will make it part of their life when they can have an impact on the world.

Turning the corner on education

Some of the most innovative education strategies in the country are happening in Chicago. Yes, Chicago.

Montessori schools – educating the whole child

Montessori schools go beyond the ABC's of regular academics - teaching kids how to be well-rounded, thoughtful people, who learn at their own pace.
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9 Indoor Water Parks Near Chicago

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How to Raise Kids Who Care

Generation Alpha is already leading the conversation.