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June 2012

This month’s craft: Tiny trinket keepers

Candies to rocks and everything in between can be kept in a safe place by your little collectors.

Olly Olly Play Cafe

Pirate ships, thrones, medieval castles and ultra-slippery slides: all fodders for the imagination at Olly Olly Play Cafe.

Plugged-in parent: Posting kids’ pictures

As yourself some questions before you post pictures of other peoples' kids.

Plugged-in parent: Summer reading

Some great options for summer reading for kids - with high tech readers.

Parenting isn’t for sissies: Fathers matter

Pop culture often portrays fathers as bumbling, or simply not important. Jennifer DuBose says fathers matter - and mothers should let them.

Giving back: A father’s journey to Cambodia

With wife Leny, son Kyle, 9, and daughter Kayla, 7, by his side, Sou recently spearheaded a fundraiser that collected $7,000 for the homeless and victims of natural disaster in Cambodia.

Probiotics and prebiotics: Do they work?

Popular media pushes probiotics and prebiotics. Our health columnist Dr. Lisa Thornton says that scientists are starting to see the claims are largely true.

Berry breakfast parfaits

Ingredients 2 cups Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese 1/2 cup low-fat granola with no fruit or nuts 2 cups mixed berries such as sliced strawberries, blueberries and raspberries 4...

Eating right during the summer

Kids' normal routines are disrupted during the summer. That's no reason to let their eating routines slide.

Summer Brain Games at MSI Online

The Museum of Science and Industry has produced Summer Brain Games—eight weeks of at-home experiments for families done with no-cost or low-cost items. It's free. And It's online.
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A Must Try Recipe

Best Homework Apps for Students

Students these days have a lot to juggle.

Chicago Kids Can Express Pandemic Feelings in Public Art Project

Artwork to tell the story of the pandemic through kids’ eyes.

Water Safety 101: Lake and Pool Safety Tips for Families

These lake and pool safety tips can help.

6 Midwest Food Trails Worth the Trip

Don't read on an empty stomach