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Contra has all the right moves for Chicago dancin’ families

Head downtown with the kids for a fun night of dancing under the stars.

Chicago mom working on accessibility in her city

Karen Tamley wants Chicago to be one of the most accessible cities in the country.

Chicago dad’s heart-melting conversations with his kids

Christopher Garlington has been waiting for a chance to share his wisdom with his kids. Problem is, they're not interested!

Chicago mom calls it quits on potty training–for now

Sometimes when it comes to toddler and toilet training, it's time to just concede defeat. At least for a while.

The Piggery in Chicago offers pork and summer fun

Lakeview restaurants offers family-friendly fare for Chicagoans

3 can’t miss events for Chicago families

Now that the Fourth of July revelry has passed, we've got some ideas on what to do next with your kids.

A Baker’s Tale in Chicago is fairytale restaurant

Delicious food and treats, great people watching and a whimsical decor make this the perfect place to stop with kids in Wicker Park.

DIY marshmallow shooter tops old-fashioned water fights

Such simple supplies, but such awesome fun.

Make your own slip and slide for cheap summer fun in Chicago

Take some plastic tarp, duct tape and a few other household products and slide your way into summer.

How Chicago moms can hula hoop their way healthy

Try the newest fitness trend that uses a toy from your past.
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A Must Try Recipe

How I Helped My Kids Cope with Pet Loss for the First Time

Mom turns to Facebook to help answer questions.

Watch This, Do That: The Incredibles

‘No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again!’

Win a Flowerscape Coloring Book

Enter for your chance to win by Tuesday, June 1, 2021.