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January 2012

The accidental chef

Eun Jung Decker cooks to find herself, to have a tangible outcome to her day.

Ice sculpting and more at Navy Pier’s Snow Days

It may be warm, but sculptors are already hard at work transforming blocks of ice into visions of beauty. But get their by Saturday. After the judging, the sculptures will be allowed to melt.

Parenting by text

Christopher Garlington reflects on how his life has gotten quieter since his family started texting all of their conversations.

Old Town School opens new building

The Old Town School of Folk Music is set to open its new $18 million facility with a grand-opening celebration kicking off Jan. 9. After that, there will be 55 days of celebratory programming.

A makeover for mom

Chicago Parent reader Megan Sechowski got a great holiday present: a day of hair and makeup and new clothes, and - most of all - a day of pampering.

Tips for great, easy makeup for moms

And the makeup makes the process complete.

A Sassy Hair Style in Our Mom Makeover

Take out the curls and layer it out for simple styling.

How to do a financial makeover

Julie Medina could be the poster child for the recession's impact on families. Financial quick look Family:...

Tips for making over your family room

Jillian Strauss presented our organizer with a challenge: organize a room for both work and play. Pooja Gugnani came up with a solution.

New Clothes for a Mom Makeover

Out of the gray and into some lush colors.
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A Must Try Recipe

Best Homework Apps for Students

Students these days have a lot to juggle.

Chicago Kids Can Express Pandemic Feelings in Public Art Project

Artwork to tell the story of the pandemic through kids’ eyes.

Water Safety 101: Lake and Pool Safety Tips for Families

These lake and pool safety tips can help.

6 Midwest Food Trails Worth the Trip

Don't read on an empty stomach