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The Toy Fairy: A frustrated Chicago mom’s best friend

Got rid of your child's favorite (and most annoying) toy? Blame the Toy Fairy.

Chicago mom explains the benefits of the afternoon nap

The joy of napping is wasted on the very young, so Jackie takes it upon herself to explain why naps are so awesome for all involved.

One Chicago mom’s adventures in strawberry picking

One sweet, red fruit. Tons of possibilities.

7 ways you get time to savor during summer in Chicago

Summertime in Chicago is fleeting. Soak it up while you can.

Chicago stay-at-home mom: What I miss about working

Jackie loves being a stay-at-home mom to her two boys, but there are a few things she misses about the workforce, like lunch breaks and enemies.

Cheap vs. frugal: Planning a summer birthday party in Chicago

A super fun summer birthday party for $20? That's not cheap! That's frugal.

A Chicago mom’s adventure in learning how to swim

Jackie has been afraid of swimming for as long as she can remember, which drives her even more to make sure her sons know how to be safe in the water.

Chicago mom: Navigating the world of play dates

What is the correct protocol for your kid's play date? Jackie Berger ponders whether surveillance (and a beef sandwich) might be required at some point.

How to raise a bookworm in Chicago

Jackie Berger is a book reader and is raising her boys to be readers, too.

Kids haircut woes: Chicago mom defends buzz cuts

Nothing says the boys of summer like a buzz cut. And this mom is A-OK with that.
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