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Beyond the test: Why project-based learning is best

While traditional instruction is still valuable in the classroom, giving students freedom to explore learning in other ways better prepare them for life outside of the classroom

6 reasons an independent school might be the right fit

Chicago area parents are lucky because they have so many choices when it comes to picking a school for their child.

Why learning about the arts really matters

Want your child to develop critical thinking and better problem-solving skills? Make sure they get exposed to the arts in school

4 life lessons that start with early childhood education

Kids aren't just learning to color and count these days before kindergarten; they are actually learning lessons they'll use the rest of their lives

How parents can help their kids ace tests

School experts share their thoughts and tips to take the stress out of the test

Innovative ways schools giving digital natives tools they need

Schools are incorporating technology in ways that might surprise you

How to balance kids’ extracurricular activities

School experts weigh in with tips on how to help your kids thrive in and out of school

Unique ways schools engage young learners

Giving kids a good start on learning can set them up for success for the rest of their lives.

How independent schools teach kids about the world

Some independent schools are helping their students do good locally and globally. Why it matters.

What you should do now to get your kids ready for high school

Picking the right high school for your child starts earlier than you think.
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