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STEAM curriculum broadens the horizons for students

Gone are the days where students learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic solely through lectures and rote memorization. Schools across the country,...

Schools trying different ways to teach foreign languages

Some of the Chicagoland's best schools are going beyond the standard way of teaching another language and really getting the kids communicating.

What schools do with homework and how parents can help

Avoid homework battles in your house every night by trying some of the tips from Chicago area educators.

Enrichment opportunities enhance curriculum in Chicago area schools

Educators believe supplementing traditional subjects helps lead to students success

Fundraisers that make the grade for Chicago area schools and organizations

School fundraisers not only raise important money for schools, but teach the kids valuable lessons about helping others

Chicago offers many preschool options to fit families’ needs

Quality preschool programs provide a strong base for kids' future learning

Local schools work to address gender differences in the classroom

Area schools try a variety of tactics to get the most out of students

Independent schools offer their take on Common Core

Chicago area private and independent schools believe in not-so-standard learning and the Common Core State Standards do not apply to them.

9 ways parents can establish good parent-teacher relationships

Chicagoland school experts share their best advice to create a relationship that is positive for your child
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A Must Try Recipe

How to Make a Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Board

It's the modern day Lunchable.

Win American Girl’s 2021 Girl of the Year

Enter for your chance to win by Friday, April 30, 2021.

COVID-19 Vaccine: What Parents Need to Know

We answer your questions.

My Mantra: Is This The Hill You Want to Die On?

Lisa Brislane, Harwood Heights