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Light up the dark: How Chicago parents can help combat human trafficking

Raising awareness about human trafficking is near and dear to Hyacynth. Join her in shedding light on a problem that shouldn't exist.

13 ways to comfort a parent when their baby dies

People want to be a supportive when a loved one loses a baby, but often feel so helpless. Hyacynth shares the things that comforted her and advice from friends also grieving their babies.

Chicago mom shields kids from Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl performance

Sex should be something sacred and lovely, not something treated so carelessly through music and dance, says Hyacynth Worth, a mom who muted the TV Sunday.

No translation needed: Chicago family hosts child from overseas

When language barriers interfere, nothing speaks louder than the love of a mother.

Chicago mom is reminded of the true meaning behind gift-giving

A little boy, his favorite candy and a gift to Santa is all that's needed to help one mom get over her tiny gift-giving funk this season.

Motherhood: A Chicago mom’s mission of faith and truth

We all deal with the highs and lows of motherhood in our own way. Hyacynth turns to her faith to reaffirm the the importance of being called "mom."

Five more minutes: Chicago mom is learning to cherish family time

After six years of running around a mile a minute trying to handle everything and take care of everyone, Hyacynth Worth is slowing down and taking the time - even if it's only five minutes - to enjoy the moments that make life sweet.

Enjoying life in Chicago with kids

Hyacynth Worth once believed she had to be serious to have faith. Now, she knows enjoying all that life has to offer is a big part of her faith and family.
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