Strep throat outbreaks: What Chicago families need to know

Doctors are seeing a lot of cases of strep as fall winds down. One Loyola doctor shares the symptoms to help parents know what to do.

University of Chicago saves baby with rare tumor

When a large rare tumor was found on the neck of Sofia Espinoza's baby, doctors quickly decided to deliver him using an extremely risky and complex procedure.

Why your kids don’t need juice

Why juice should be treated as a special occasion treat, not a daily staple in your child's diet.

Foods to keep your family healthy during the winter months

These plant foods are healthier, tastier and will keep your family feeling well.

Tips for a safety-savvy family

Important info that can keep your loved ones safe.

Failure to take a break hurts your health, relationships, even your parenting

In the months following her daughter Amys diagnosis of a rare muscle disorder, Roberta Hansen didn't allow herself to mourn the news. In fact, she didn't allow herself to take a break at all.

Managing your special child’s medical records

Chicago neurodevelopmental pediatrician Dr. Alan Rosenblatt sees a number of children with complex medical histories

Disability 101: Let’s all understand

My girlfriend’s son, Sam, is a cute, happy, energetic 6-year-old. Sam also has cerebral palsy.
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A Must Try Recipe