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Wet Felting with kids

Sometimes children’s crafts can feel redundant. Materials like poster paints, construction paper and glue sticks tend to lead to predictable results. For a kid-friendly project beyond the usual, try wet felting, which combines wool, water, soap and friction into a fun new material.

Cotton swab snowflakes

What's better than a snow-themed craft when you're watching a winter storm from the family room? How about a snow-themed craft using things you already have your bathroom? Skip the trip to the crafts store and curl up with this wintry craft.

Joy Jar

Sometimes everyday things get overlooked in the whirlwind family life and holiday hustle and bustle. So before the feasting stars, take some time this month to really focus your family's attention on all that you have to be thankful for - especially each other.

Make your own pinata

There aren't a lot of sure things when it comes to planning your child's birthday party, but a pinata is one of them: competitive whacking and candy. Make your own with this fun, only slightly messy craft that kids will love.

Turkey Napkin Ring

Use an empty toilet paper tube to brighten up your Thanksgiving table. This craft will help even the youngest in your brood feel involved in the holiday prep.

Paper bag owl puppet

Bring some autumn color to your refrigerator with this paper bag owl. Using a classic brown bag and a few supplies from the craft store, you'll have a hoot!

Tried-and-true Terrarium

If you want teach your kids about plants but don’t have much of a green thumb, consider making a terrarium. These attractive, low-maintenance projects are an easy way to bring Mother Nature’s magic indoors. Once you do the initial set up, your terrarium will basically take care of itself.


When it comes to edible jewelry, the candy necklace is king. Introduced in the late 1950s by Ce De Candy Inc., these sweet and fashionable treats have been adorning the necks of kids ever since. But why stop at candy?
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