Steps to secure your child’s financial future

Special needs makes planning especially important

Tax-free program for families with disabilities

One way to consider saving for the future

Teaching kids to pay their bills

Four ways to help your kids learn good fiscal habits now that will pay off the rest of their lives.

Though illegal, housing discrimination continues against families with kids

As foreclosures force families into rental housing, some are finding a "not welcome" sign.

Moms bringing home more bacon in recession

As the recession continues, more moms find their earnings under the spotlight.

Prospective parents needed for adoption

Families interested in adopting and who are willing to consider adopting an African-American or biracial child are desperately needed by St. Mary's, an adoption agency in Arlington Heights.

Libraries hit hard by recession

It may be subtle now, but soon, libraries may have to balance their dwindling budgets by cutting services, jeopardizing everything from preschool story hour to buying new books.

Two boys, one mother failed by the system

When relationships crumble, what you can do to protect your kids' safety.

Financial literacy especially important now

In the current economy, kids have a lot of questions about finances. And now more than ever, it's important to teach kids about smart financial sense.
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A Must Try Recipe

How Community Response Teams Are Helping Neighbors Support Each Other

Help out in your own neighborhood with these tips.