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February 2012

Valentine’s baked apple chips

Older kids will love these apple chips - with a heart cut out so they know who baked for them.

Heart-shaped fruit

Toddlers and preschoolers love finger food they can pop into their mouths.

How to fit intimacy into your busy life

Though it may be difficult to balance all the demands on your time, your relationship with your partner can't wait until you retire or the kids go off to college.

4 steps to strengthen your relationship with your kids

Creating a meaningful relationship with your children is not another item for your to-do list. So much of how your children feel about themselves is based on their relationship with you.

10 reasons to date your spouse

Yes, we're busy. But the reality is that dating when your married is just as important as dating to get married. To maintain a healthy relationship, take some time for just the two of you.

When kids walk in

Ever had your child walk in while you were having sex? Experts say parents put more emphasis on the embarrassment than kids do. And they warn that you shouldn't let it stop you from having sex.

New grocery service features best of what Chicago can offer

A new grocery delivery service brings artisanal foods right to your door.

Mummies on the loose at Field Museum

The Field Museum is opening its vault to show off mummies that haven't been on public view since the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.

Four places to jump and leap in Chicago

Leap year comes around every four years. Leap into the celebration with our four picks.

New robot exhibit at Discovery Museum

A new exhibit at Discovery Center Museum in Rockford proves our robot friends aren't just entertaining, they're also educational.
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A Must Try Recipe

How to Get Your Child to Sleep Without a Nightlight

What to do when this habit becomes a problem.

Safe Edible Cookie Dough Recipe That Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth

Tips and recipes to enjoy dough straight from the bowl.

New Virtual Community Lets Teens Share Big Ideas

Fostering an innovative mindset in tomorrow's leaders.

Explore the Arts This Summer With ChiArts Camps

Brought to you by The Chicago High School for the Arts.