Ethiopian dining is made for kids

Psst. Want your kids to try new foods? Let them eat with their hands.

Tastes around the world: Chicago kid-friendly international restaurants

Think your days of tacos and edamame (not together, but you know what we mean) are behind you? Think again. Kama Indian BistroSUSHISAMBA RioNuevo...

6 best kid-friendly tea rooms in Chicago

These tea rooms serve up classy cups without the sassy sneers. Here are our picks for places to warm your buns this winter, with...

Best kid-friendly coffeehouses in Chicago

You want a decent cup of coffee. Your kids want to run around like maniacs. The employees at the corner coffeeshop duck for cover...

9 Chicago summer food festivals

There's more to Chicago food than deep-dish pizza and ketchup-less hot dogs. Hit up these summer festivals for a whirlwind culinary tour of the...
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A Must Try Recipe

Illinois First to Require Asian American History in Schools

Illinois’ TEAACH Act called a ‘life saver’ for students.

Create Your Own Adventure in the Forest Preserves of Cook County

Brought to you by Forest Preserves of Cook County

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Kids are never too young or old to get involved with cleaning the house!