Baker & Nosh

Kids will love watching the cooks in the window display along Wilson Avenue. Moms and dads will love the reasonably priced bread, plus unique cheese options and pâtés.

Best places to eat outdoors with your kids around Chicago

If you're a typical Chicagoan, the minute the mercury hits 65 degrees the windows fly open and any thought of sitting home in a...

Freshii restaurants are fun and inexpensive

Alena Murguia discovers Freshii - fast, healthy food.

Take a culinary world tour without leaving Chicago

Introduce your kids to the flavors of the world without leaving Chicago.

Libertad: Upscale, but right for families

Alena Murguia reviews Libertad: modern American Latin cuisine in Skokie.

Cooking up good things with kids

Have a budding chef on your hands? Try one of these cooking schools for kids.

Bad Apple: Not your average burger joint

This hip joint grownups love is also a great place to feed kids.

Fish and fudge

When we took my nearly 2-year-old nephew to the zoo last summer, the highlight wasn't the lions or tigers or bears. It was...

Choo-choo diners in Chicago: All aboard!

Got a train-crazy tot? Try one of these five diners where the locomotive is king and step into a nostalgic world of choo-choo kitsch....

The Choo-Choo in Des Plaines for train-crazy kids

We brought a train-crazy toddler to The Choo-Choo, a Des Plaines diner where the locomotive is king.
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A Must Try Recipe

The Delta Variant: What Parents Should Know

A Q&A with a Chicago infectious disease expert on the Delta variant.

Watch This, Do That: Space Jam: A New Legacy

'Bugs Bunny knows who I am!'

Common Bug Bites in Illinois: What Parents Should Know

Find out how to do the trick on ticks, bed bugs and more.