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Make a Messterpiece

Congratulations to our winners: Ann Luban, Bella, Cheryl, Dezi, Julie Horras, Super Mommy and Theresa.

Wacky baby shower games

Diaper-changing races, bottles-'o-beer, and a strange game of doll-kissing that we still can't explain. We asked you what the weirdest game you've ever played at a baby shower was, and here's what you came back with.

Throw an earth-friendly baby shower

Pink is for girls. Blue is for boys. But for a planet-loving baby shower, green is the color of our time.

A new way to celebrate

Balloons, $1.50. Ice cream cake, $20. The rented room, DJ or clown …?

Devilishly delicious and nutritious

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is right around the corner, ushering in a string of holidays that are filled with lots of fun and lots of food—especially the sweet stuff.

Pretend and play

It’s Sunday morning. It’s freezing and windy outside. You’ve already been to the museums this winter, and the glow has
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A Must Try Recipe

Illinois First to Require Asian American History in Schools

Illinois’ TEAACH Act called a ‘life saver’ for students.

Create Your Own Adventure in the Forest Preserves of Cook County

Brought to you by Forest Preserves of Cook County

How to Get Your Kids to Do Chores

Kids are never too young or old to get involved with cleaning the house!