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Sexting and tweens: Think your kid would never do it?

1 in 5 kids has sent nude or semi-nude photos of themselves to others. You can take some steps to make sure your child isn't one of the 20 percent.

Calling all Chicago girls! Why STEM matters to you

Local experts are working hard to get girls involved with science, technology, engineering and math at a young age. Resources to get started may be as close as your own backyard.

Schools in Chicago are increasingly taking an international approach

Students are becoming increasingly connected with their international counterparts.

More Chicago area schools on board with creating waste-free lunches

It's easy to get started creating waste-free lunches for your kids.

What happens when a family goes without technology for a day?

Christopher Garlington forewarned his wife and kids the Internet would be down for a day. That didn't stop the hysteria that ensued.

Chicago Parent’s picks on best back-to-school products

There's still time to pick up a few last-minute back-to-school items that can add a little fun to your child's day.

Hidden gems of the Bristol Renaissance Faire

With just a few weeks left, we've got a few ideas on what to see at the Bristol Renaissance Faire before it closes Sept. 1.

Chicago mom makeover: How NOT to embarrass your kids in the carpool line

No mom's hopeless when it comes to looking put-together. A couple of Chicago stylists give some tips on creating your own updated mom look.

What to look for in a great backpack as Chicago kids head to school

Backpacks aren't about the Ninja turtle on the front. Here's a guide to age-appropriate backpacks.

Chicago mom learns to let go of guilt

It’s time to let it go and realize it’s OK to make mistakes
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Players can test their physical and mental agility with games that combine fitness with high-tech entertainment.

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Connect with your little one while participating in activities that are ideal for both parent and child.

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