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12 tips to get the best start in preschool

It is important for kids to have the best experience possible when it comes to loving school, so get started in preschool with our tips from the experts.

Boys vs. girls: Understand the difference (beyond the obvious, of course)

Experts say parents and teachers should not compare boys and girls -- or stereotype students based on their gender.

Technology in the classroom

What you should know about creating a health media diet for your kids this school year.

Does the end of summer vacation mean the end of vacations?

Does the end of summer vacation mean the end of vacations when the school bell rings? Some say yes, some say no.

The gift of gifted education

With budgets on the decline, parents and teachers of gifted children find themselves forced to be more creative to encourage the learning.

A+ for learning

Despite popular favor in years past, the theory of learning styles isn't the best way to encourage children to learn. Rather, adapting to each child's best abilities is key to success.

No Child Left Behind 10 years later

10 years after NCLB, schools are still failing and Illinois is on the verge of big changes.

Fun snacks for little fingers

Try these yummy fun snacks for little fingers.

Teaching kids to pay their bills

Four ways to help your kids learn good fiscal habits now that will pay off the rest of their lives.

Work is all about play for doll creator

Jodi Norgaard set out to create dolls that make girls like themselves. So far, she's succeeded with Go! Go! dolls.
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A Must Try Recipe

5 Ways Kids Can Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Your kids can keep learning this summer with these ideas.

Father-Daughter Business ‘The Hot Dog Box’ Relishes in Success

They're changing the way Chicagoans eat their beloved hot dogs.

How to Pick the Best Sunscreen for Your Kids

Protect your family's skin this summer with these tips.