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April 2012

The kid is home alone

Christopher Garlington experiences the terror of leaving his boy home alone for the first time.

Urinary Tract Infections in Children

How to know if your child has a urinary tract infection.

Baby’s guacamole

Reprinted with permission from The Baby &Toddler Cookbook by Charity Ferreira and Karen Ansel.

2012 Cubs/Sox Primer

Dan Campana on what the Sox and the Cubs have to offer families this season (besides winning).

Purple Monkey Playroom in Bucktown

A new indoor play space just opened in Bucktown.

Scales & Tales Travelling Zoo

Traveling zoo keeper brings exotic animals to children

Field Museum exhibit introduces visitors to Genghis Khan

The famous (and infamous) Mongolian leader was born in 1155 and built an empire which lasted long after his death. Now the Field Museum has stories and artifacts from his life.

3 Chicago Gardens

Spring has sprung early, which means that the Garfield Park Conservatory, the Lurie Garden and the Chicago Botanic Garden are overflowing with feasts for the eyes.

Family dining at Chalkboard

Alena Murguia finds that good food can be appealing to her kids, with a visit to Chalkboard.

Undiscovered Worlds at Adler Planetarium

Alena Murguia's kids have discovered space at the new Adler show.
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A Must Try Recipe

Watch This, Do That: The Parent Trap (1998)

'Sisters? Hallie, we're like twins!'

5 Ways Kids Can Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Your kids can keep learning this summer with these ideas.

Father-Daughter Business ‘The Hot Dog Box’ Relishes in Success

They're changing the way Chicagoans eat their beloved hot dogs.