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2013 January

Chicago’s Smoque BBQ pleases barbecue lovers of all ages

The best barbecue from all over the country at one restaurant.

Big Fun! series kick-off success

See a slideshow of photos from our first Big Fun! event.

Surprising new anti-violence initiative launches in Chicago

The Illinois Crime Commission has expanded their youth outreach program with the added benefit of a new initiative, partnered by the Police Athletic League and Rasheda Ali, daughter of the championship boxer.

My son is smarter than me, and that’s a good thing

Jennifer Wheeler Wood is being schooled by her son but that's just fine with her.

Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day

It's hard not to love a penguin-it must have something to do with that tuxedoed look. Jan. 20 is Penguin Awareness Day, and...

Museum of Science and Industry raises admission cost for 2013

The Museum of Science and Industry has raised its general admission prices effective Jan. 23. The museum will continue to offer 52 free days per year.

Blinded sea lion pup finds a new home at Shedd Aquarium

Two California sea lions have joined the Shedd Aquarium's family, including the first disabled sea lion.

A little art therapy for a girls’ night out in Chicago

Arts n Spirits gives friends a place to chat, paint and relax, plus it's BYOB.

Mom of the Month: Shannon Guernsey Coulter

This Naperville mom is an author and creator of a seven-book series and activity website for kids.

Toy Story comes to life in homemade, live action film

Two friends dedicate two years to recreating their favorite childhood movie.
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A Must Try Recipe

5 Ways Kids Can Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Your kids can keep learning this summer with these ideas.

Father-Daughter Business ‘The Hot Dog Box’ Relishes in Success

They're changing the way Chicagoans eat their beloved hot dogs.

How to Pick the Best Sunscreen for Your Kids

Protect your family's skin this summer with these tips.